3 Things You Need To Do When Moving To A New Home

Moving to a new home is about more than just moving your stuff, it is about moving your entire life in an effective manner so that once you move to your new home, everything you need is there for you.  

Change Your Address

The first thing you need to do is change your address. Don't wait until the night of your move to go in and change your address; it is going to take the post office some time to process this information.  

When you change your address, you can pick the date that you want your mail to start forwarding. 

Inform Others of Your Change of Address

You need to do more than inform the post office of your change of address, you need to inform the organizations and businesses that send you mail as well. Although most of your mail, with the exception of magazines and advertisements, will be forwarded, it will take you longer to get this mail.  

Call up any company that you receive magazines from, and let them know about your new address. If you regularly get discounts or coupons in the mail, let those companies know about your change of address. Inform and update your contact information with the bank and any other lenders that you work with.  

Don't forget to change your address with organizations that you don't hear from as frequently, such as your retirement accounts and investment firms that you work with.  

Start-Up Services

Find out what you need to do to start up services at your new home. Call and talk with the water company, gas company, and electrical company. Find out what you need to do to get the bills put into your name and what you need to do to start up services. Some services may be able to be started remotely, such as the electricity. Other services, such as water and gas, may need to be restarted on site if the services have been disconnected. 

 If you are moving soon, make sure that you set-up everything for a smooth relocation, or use a relocation service to help with this transition. A relocation service can help you with forwarding your mail, setting up utilities, and making sure that everything is wrapped up at your old home and ready at your new home. A relocation service, like Integrity Moving & Storage LLC, can make the moving process go more seamlessly for you and your family.