Packing Your Game Room For A Move: Four Things To Consider

As you prepare to move, you should consider creating a plan for packing your game room. Large items, such as pool tables or air hockey tables, can be a challenge, and smaller items may take some time to pack. Having a plan in place can help you to prepare your game room for moving day. Here are some things to consider as you create your plan.

Hire Professionals For The Big Items

Look for a professional moving company with experience dealing with large items. The movers can disassemble your pool table and prepare it for the move ahead of time, and they can transport it to your new home for you. Other items you may want to have your moving company pack and prepare might include:

• Poker tables

• Arcade-style games

• Air hockey tables

• Ping pong tables

Organize Game Pieces

Pack game pieces and accessories in small plastic storage bins, and label each bin for the gaming table or game it belongs to. You can then place the bins in one larger moving box for easy transport. Place small pieces in zip-top plastic bags first to prevent them from getting damaged during the move.

Disassemble Furniture

If you have coffee tables, gaming chairs, or other pieces of furniture in the room, consider disassembling any items that can be broken down. Use zip-top storage bags to hold the hardware, and secure the bags to the bottom or back of each piece with packing tape so they do not get lost during the move. You can use heavy-duty plastic ties to group table legs together, which can then be wrapped in moving blankets for added protection.

Take Pictures Of Electronics

If you have gaming consoles and related electronics to pack away, it's a good idea to take pictures of your setup before you begin unplugging and packing items away. Take pictures of the back of the television and the consoles so you can use them for reference later. You can also use different colored rubber bands or plastic ties to organize cords as you pack them away. For example, cords used for one type of gaming system might be red, while the cords for another system might be blue. This can make it easier to set everything up in your new home.

Talk to your movers about any additional services it may offer, such as electronics setup and furniture assembly. With a professional moving company such as Warners Moving & Storage, and a plan for packing your game room, you can get your items ready for use in your new home quickly and efficiently.