Keeping The Written Word Safe: 3 Packing Supplies You’ll Need To Keep Your Books Safe

Despite the many technological distractions available today, reading as a hobby is still just as appreciated now as in the past. Nearly 73% of participants in a recent study read a book in the last year. The typical American bookworm still possesses several hardcopy books that they probably would never part with. Even if you're not a bookworm, you still probably have a favorite book or two sitting on your bookshelf that you wouldn't leave behind even if you were to relocate. Packing up your books is not as easy as it looks. Books are rather fragile and need extra care and attention when being packed. Here are 3 packing supplies you'll need to keep your books safe.

Extra Tape to Protect the Corners and Edges of the Moving Boxes

When packing up books into a moving box, you'll want to make an effort to further protect the box by applying tape to the corners and edges of the box. The tape will help to protect the box should it ever get dropped during the moving process. If the structure of the box becomes compromised during a fall, it's not unusual for the books inside to get bent or crumpled.

Choose moving boxes made from corrugated cardboard for extra support. You should even consider taping the corners and edges of the inner surface of the moving box for extra protection. Taping the corners and edges of the inner part of the moving boxes creates a smoother surface for the books to be rested on. This reduces the chances of a page getting snagged on a sharp or jagged surface, which can end up tearing an entire page. Don't pack too many books into each moving box, or the combined weight of the books might end up compromising the structural integrity of the box from the inside out.

Plastic Sheets to Wrap the Cover of the Books

If you want your books to arrive at your final destination in pristine condition, you'll have to purchase plastic sheets or wrapping paper for the cover of the books. Wrap each book tightly to prevent ink transfer between two surfaces. Choose a thicker sheet of plastic wrap in order to give the book cover some type of cushioning to prevent the cover from getting dented or scratched up should it come into contact with a sharp edge or surface.

You should try to wrap the books in a transparent plastic wrap if you're packing numerous books all at once. This will make unpacking the books a lot easier, as you'll be able to identify which books go where without having to remove the plastic cover first.

Hard Pieces of Cardboard for Structural Support

The spine of the books are one of the most vulnerable parts that you need to protect. If the books are going to be sitting in the moving boxes for prolonged periods of time, you definitely want to give the spine of the books some support. You can do this by not storing the books upright with the pages facing down and the spine facing up. Instead, the books should be placed with the spine in a horizontal position into the moving boxes. Place the spine of each book against the side of the box if possible. If not, purchase sheets of cardboard with your packing supplies.

The cardboard should be placed against the spine for additional support. It's basically like a brace. You can even place a sheet of cardboard between each book if you want for further protection.


The type of packing supplies that you'll need to buy when packing during a move will be dependent on the type of items you're packing. Consider purchasing the packing supplies in bulk in order to enjoy better bargains and deals. For professional help with packing your items, including your books, contact a company like Bekins Van Lines Inc.